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Black Diamonds

By Rubina Posh January 21,2017

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The price of any diamond depends on supply and demand. The larger natural Black Diamonds are more expensive as they are rarer.

Natural Black Diamonds average around AUD$2400.00 

A 1.05ct Round Cut Black Diamond graded as Natural Fancy Black was available on 8th December 2017 for around AUD$2,500.00

The colour is generally described as Fancy Black with various intensities if they are translucent to transparent.

Black Diamonds are heavily included white/colourless diamonds. They are cut in simple shapes and are slightly smaller in size then the white diamonds and tend to be heavier (denser).

Their colour comes from the dark mineral inclusions such as graphite, sulphides, magnetite or hematite which are usually mixed together with many small diamonds inter-grown with one another.

These dark mineral inclusions make cutting black diamonds harder than any other diamonds as they cause the diamonds to easily fracture. They are also the reason for the extra density in black diamonds.

Black Diamonds absorb light and as a result are mostly opaque but sparkle just as much as any other diamond. They range from opaque to slightly transparent. When they are translucent (some light can pass through) their internal structure can be analysed using a microscope.

Interesting Facts

The 2016 April Sotheby’s Auction had a 4.02ct Grey colour, Si1 clarity, Round Brilliant Cut Diamond for US$9328.00 per carat which equals to US$37,498.56 for the piece.

The famous Black Orlov diamond was 195.00cts in its original form. It was then cut into a cushion shape reducing its size to 67.50ct. The last know price for the sale of this diamond was US$360,000.00

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