Green Diamonds

By Rubina Posh January 21,2017

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The diamonds with a strong green colour are the rarest and most expensive.

A 0.23ct SI1 Cushion Cut Diamond graded as Natural Fancy Vivid Green was available on 8th December 2017 for around AUD$60,000

A 0.65ct SI2 Round Cut Diamond graded as Natural Fancy Intense Green was available on 8th December 2017 for around AUD$115,000.00

Green Diamonds are also divided into eight categories:

1.   Faint

2.   Very Light

3.   Light

4.   Fancy Light

5.   Fancy

6.   Fancy Intense

7.   Fancy Vivid

8.   Fancy Deep/Fancy Dark

These are then further divided based on their secondary colours.

Always graded face up (flat side up) these diamonds will have the secondary colour listed first, followed by the main colour. The last colour mentioned is the most dominant colour.

Green Diamonds are rarer then blue. Their colour comes from the exposure to natural radiation beneath the surface where the diamonds form. Most of the green diamonds found are lighter in colour and it is very rare to come across a natural deep green diamond.

Majority of the Green Diamonds available are artificially irradiated and because of this they are always viewed with suspicion and are carefully examined in gemmological labs. However, as they naturally get their colour from exposure to radiation even with advanced gemmological testing their origin of colour cannot always be accurately determined.

Interesting Facts

Fancy Green Diamonds are found in Australia, Brazil, Congo, Ghana, India, Siberia, South Africa and South America. The Olive coloured diamonds are found in the Central African Republic, the Congo and Sierra Leone.

A 5.03ct graded by the GIA as a VS2 Rectangular Cut Fancy Vivid Green Diamond which was originally found in Brazil and named the “Aurora Green” was on display on 31st May 2016 at the Christie’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels sale. Its value was estimated to be between $16.2 million and $20.1 million. The Aurora Green sold for USD$16,818,983 – USD$3,343,734 per carat, setting a world auction record for a green diamond and world record price per carat for a green diamond.

Over the years there have been quite a few “fancy intense” green diamonds, but a “fancy vivid” is extremely rare.

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