Grey Diamonds

By Rubina Posh January 21,2017

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The price of any diamond depends on supply and demand.

Natural Grey Diamonds average around AUD$7000.00 

The price of Grey Diamonds increases when they are combined with blue or violet as these are rarer.

A 1.00ct SI2 Round Cut Diamond graded as Natural Fancy Light Grey was available on 8th December 2017 for around AUD$6,900

Generally, fancy coloured diamonds are divided into four categories:

Fancy Light


Fancy Intense

Fancy Vivid

However, with Grey Diamonds there is no faint, intense or vivid.

The colour grading ranges from light to dark and includes the following:

Light Gray;

Fancy Light Gray;

Fancy Gray;

Fancy Dark Gray; and

Fancy Deep Gray

Grey Diamonds have secondary colours and are also a secondary colour mostly in green and blue diamonds, but can be found in yellow, chameleon, violet and purple.

Grey Diamonds are sometimes called charcoal grey, steel, slate, silver and pigeon all of which have different colour intensities.

They get their colour from hydrogen and in some cases from boron like blue diamonds.

Grey Diamonds make up 2% of the total coloured diamonds production at the Argyle mine in Australia.

Other countries where Grey Diamonds are mined from include Brazil, India, Russia and South Africa.

Interesting facts

Rio Tinto the owner of the Argyle mine in Australia where majority of the pink diamonds are found, is also a large producer of natural grey coloured diamonds and since 2010 have being marketing them as “Silvermist”. The “Silvermist” grey colour diamonds exhibit hues from soft pale greys to intense silver tones and are slightly more expensive than champagne/brown diamonds.

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