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Is My Ring Gold?

By Rubina Posh February 23,2017

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How Do I Check That My Ring Is Gold?

The best way to check if your ring is gold is to take it to a Jeweller or a Jewellery Valuer/Appraiser. Otherwise, you can try the following: 

·         Inspect the piece for official markings. Most jewellery pieces will have a mark somewhere. Even if it is an older piece you might still be able to see some dents left from the stamp.

 ·         Look for markings on the inside of the band. With some European items the mark can be found on the outside of the band. 

 ·         Look for discolouration. If it is a plated piece there will be sections where the plating has faded and the metal beneath the surface will be showing.

 ·         If it’s an older piece look at the scratches. If the piece is gold, you will still see a yellow metal. Usually plated pieces will have a silver like or bronze colour, but the metal beneath can be any colour. Even if the ring is in white gold, you will still be able to notice a slight yellow tint.

 ·         A magnet test can be done where the jewellery item is held loosely parallel and vertical to the magnet so if it pulls towards or sticks to the magnet it’s a fake piece. This is just to eliminate the possibility of the piece being fake.




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