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Melee Diamonds

By Rubina Posh March 07,2017

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Prices for Round Brilliant Melee Diamonds of 0.01ct as at January 2017:

G – D Colour & VS+ Clarity = AUD$1000

F – G Colour & SI1 – VS2 Clarity = AUD$950

H – F Colour& SI1 – SI2 Clarity = AUD$850

I – J Colour & SI2 Clarity = AUD$700

J – G Colour & P1 – P2 / I1 – I2 Clarity = AUD$600

Melee Diamonds, also known as Chips, are small diamonds which range from 0.001ct to 0.18ct. They are sorted, graded, matched and paired together in groups. They are usually sold to wholesalers and diamond merchants/brokers in parcels and lots of 1.00 carat to 100’s of carats. These Melee Diamonds will sometimes be sold and resold multiple times per day.

Separation or sorting Melee Diamonds in similar sizes is done by using a Diamond Sieve which is similar to a normal Sieve (the sieves used range in sizes each one corresponding to the size of the melee diamonds) When this process is completed they are then graded by an experienced Diamond Grader using the 4 C’s – Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut.

Melee diamonds are mostly used by jewellers for custom made jewellery, repairs and replacing lost diamonds.  

Below is a list of the different melee carat and millimetre sizes.

0.001ct = 0.78mm – 0.99mm

0.005ct = 1.00mm – 1.15mm

0.0075ct = 1.16mm – 1.23mm

0.01ct = 1.24mm – 1.40mm

0.02ct = 1.56mm – 1.80mm

0.025ct = 1.81mm – 1.88mm

0.03ct = 1.89mm – 2.10mm

0.04ct = 2.10mm – 2.33mm

0.05ct = 2.24mm – 2.43mm

0.06ct = 2.11mm – 2.50mm

0.07ct = 2.51mm – 2.73mm

0.08ct = 2.74mm – 2.80mm

0.10ct = 2.81mm – 3.10mm

0.12ct = 3.11mm – 3.23mm

0.15ct = 3.23mm – 3.54mm

0.18ct = 3.55mm – 3.83mm



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