Ultrasonic Cleaners

By Rubina Posh June 08,2017

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Ultrasonic machines/cleaners can be purchased on ebay starting from AU$10.00

An ultrasonic machine is a very convenient way to clean your jewellery and you don’t even need any chemicals.

What you need is water and either handwashing or dishwashing liquid. The vibration and the liquid is what cleans your jewellery.

Cover the base of the ultrasonic machine with the handwashing or dishwashing liquid.

Fill it with hot water up to the “max” line usually shown on each of the inner sides of the machine unless the ultrasonic has an inbuilt heater, in which case use cold water.

Most ultrasonic machines have a portable dish which you can immerse in the liquid.

Place the jewellery item inside the dish and then place the dish inside the liquid and close the lid.

Press the ‘on’ button and wait for a minute. Generally, one minute is enough to clean the piece but if there is a lot of things trapped beneath the gems and/or ring, you will need to take out the jewellery piece using tweezers so that you don’t burn yourself.

Brush the hard to reach spots of the ring with an old soft toothbrush, then place it back in the ultrasonic for another couple of minutes.

You may need to leave it in the ultrasonic for up to 20 minutes. Make sure you use tweezers to take out the jewellery item as the water will be hot and then gently dry it with a cloth.

List of gems not to put in an ultrasonic machine:

Agate; Amazonite; Amber; Aquamarine; Emerald; Opals; Pearls; Peridot;

Tanzanite; Topaz & Turquoise

Gemstones which have cracks or breaks (including diamonds) should not be put in the ultrasonic cleaners because it will damage them even more.



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