What if I am Allergic to Gold?

By Rubina Posh June 01,2017

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Alternative Jewellery for people with allergies to Nickel, Copper & Cobalt

Nickel, Copper & Cobalt are common metals that cause allergic reactions when in contact with the skin.

Below is a list of alternate jewellery that can be worn if you are allergic to the above metals.

  • White gold mixed only with palladium;
  • Palladium jewellery;
  • Platinum jewellery;
  • Tungsten Carbide jewellery;

Rhodium Plated jewellery may be ok, but when the rhodium wears off and the gold is exposed an allergic reaction can result in some people.

Unless its 22k and above, Yellow Gold should be avoided, as almost all of the gold jewellery will have some amount of nickel, copper or cobalt in it. Same thing applies to Silver, as it can have copper in its mix especially vintage & antique pieces. Some silver can have steel or iron, and some stainless steel can have nickel. It is best to avoid these metals if you are not 100% certain exactly what metals have been combined.



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