Diamond Tester and How To Use It

By Rubina Posh March 10,2017

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A Diamond Tester is a device used for the identification of diamonds.

However, this device will not separate Synthetic Moissanite form diamonds and will not separate natural diamonds from synthetic diamonds.

Synthetic Moissanites can be tested with a device called “Moissanite tester” in much the same way as testing a diamond with a “Diamond Tester”.

A Jewellery Valuer/Appraiser or a Diamond Grader is the best way to separate natural diamonds form synthetic diamonds.

Below is a brief outline on how to test diamonds using a diamond tester:

 ·         Make sure the gem is clean otherwise it will not give you a correct reading.

·         If necessary, use a tissue to wipe the surface.

·         Try to avoid touching the metal as this will also not give you a correct reading.

·         Switch the diamond tester on and wait for the green light to stop flashing.

·         Place your thumb & index finger on the opposite sides of the metal bars.

·         With your other hand hold the ring with the gem facing up.

·         Place the needle point of the diamond tester on a flat surface of the gem.

·         If the diamond tester beeps and reaches the maximum end of the scale it’s an indication that the gem is a diamond.

If you are testing a loose diamond you must put it on a metal surface or hold it with tweezers. Your body heat will interfere with the diamond and your diamond will not test correctly. 



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