Laser Inscribed Diamonds

Laser Inscribed diamonds are diamonds which have been microscopically engraved with romantic messages, names, dates, symbols, logos, numbers and/or letters. These inscriptions are…

Cobalt Rings

Cobalt Chrome Rings are similar in price to…

Titanium Rings

The price of Titanium Rings is on average…

Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide

Over the past twelve months, Tungsten Carbide rings have become…

What is Rhodium

Rhodium (Rh) is a member of the Platinum Group…Red, Blue, Pink, Purple and Black Rhodium Plating…

Silver & Sterling Silver

In short, Silver is a soft greyish metal with 99.9% purity whereas Sterling Silver is…


The price of Platinum Jewellery is equal to that of…

Synthetic Moissanite – A Diamond Imitant

Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral discovered in 1893 by Henri Moissan. Synthetic Moissanite is a gemstone created in the United States in 1997 and in…

Cubic Zirconia – A Diamond Imitant

Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic or man-made gemstone, created in…

Synthetic Diamonds and How to Identify Them

Synthetic Diamonds, also known as lab-grown, man-made, artificial, cultivated, created, or cultured diamonds, are diamonds which…

Why does the same ring have different prices?

In short, because not all jewellery is made in the same way…How the ring was made…greatly affects the price…

Hearts & Arrows Effect In Diamonds

The Hearts & Arrows effect in diamonds is a result of the way the diamonds have been cut…

The Process of Jewellery Valuing/Appraising

A Jewellery Valuer/Appraiser examines jewellery items and provides an independent analysis.

What is a Diamond Grader?

A Diamond Grader analyses the internal and external features/characteristics of a diamond, incorporating the…

Diamond Grading Comparison

Some of the Diamond Grading Laboratories have slight differences…

Diamond and CZ Master Sets

The colour of diamonds is determined on the basis of a visual assessment by a Diamond Grader comparing a diamond using master stones

What is Diamond Grading?

Diamond Grading is only done on loose diamonds

What are Diamond Grading Certificates/Reports?

Diamond Grading Certificates or Reports are documents that include a review of the internal and external characteristics of a loose diamond without allocating a dollar value

Diamond Grading Laboratories

Each laboratory uses its own grading systems which can vary by one or two grades in colour, clarity, cut etc. from one laboratory to the next

External Links

Organisations related to Jewellery Valuations / Appraisals

Where to Get a Jewellery Valuation/Appraisal?

Jewellery Valuation/Appraisal is best obtained from a Registered Jewellery Valuer/Appraiser

What Is a Jewellery Valuation / Appraisal

Jewellery Valuation is a legal document with a detailed description of the jewellery item and its value

Retail Replacement Valuation

The most common valuation is the Traditional Retail Replacement for Insurance Purposes

Auction Reserve Valuation

Auction Reserve Valuation covers the ideal minimum hammer price without time restraint & without premiums or commissions

Estate Division Valuation

The value of the Estate Division Valuation is established upon the instructions given by the lawyer or executor of the will

What is a Jewellery Valuer / Appraiser

A Jewellery Valuer/Appraiser is a person who examines jewellery pieces and provides an independent analysis

Second Hand Retail Replacement Valuation

Second Hand Retail Replacement for Insurance Purposes Valuation, is used by insurance companies in order to offer the best cover to the customer