Auction Reserve Valuation

By Rubina Posh January 21,2017

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Generally, the value of the Auction Reserve Valuation covers the ideal minimum hammer price without time restraint & without premiums or commissions.

The final figure in this valuation is generally 20% to 25% of the retail replacement value.

This value can sometimes be higher if the items are valued based on their rarity, current trends or antiquity.

If the item must be sold on the first attempt, then generally the value for the item is 20% of the retail replacement value. If there is no time restraint, then it is 25% of the retail replacement value.

The Auction Reserve Valuations consist of a description of the item, manufacturing process, type of metal and its weight, what type of gemstones are used and their total weight as well as any other information that will affect the final value of the item, such as, the condition and desirability and collectability of the item, as some items attract a premium.

The price provided on the valuation is an indication of how much it will cost to have this exact piece replaced through an auction.



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