Cobalt Rings

By Rubina Posh February 09,2018

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Cobalt Chrome Rings are similar in price to Titanium, Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide Rings, on average 30% lower than the same rings made from silver.

Cobalt is malleable just like gold, making it is easier to work with. Because of this, cobalt jewellery, can be made into various thicknesses and styles, set with diamonds as well as any other gemstones desired and can be engraved and resized if necessary.

Jewellery made from Cobalt is usually marked with the word “Cobalt”.

Cobalt Chrome jewellery is strong, light in weight, malleable, shatterproof, highly resistant to scratches, will not tarnish and is hypoallergenic (when Nickel is not part of the alloy).

Cobalt in its purest form, is naturally bluish in colour and is magnetic. When used in jewellery it becomes a shade of grey with a whiter hue, very similar in appearance to a white gold rhodium plated ring.

When the alloys are added the magnetic properties are lost.

Cobalt rings can also be black depending on the alloys added.

The alloys used can be a mixture of cobalt, chromium, tungsten and small amounts of molybdenum, carbon, iron, manganese and silicone and some can also have nickel. These alloys make the cobalt rings stronger, giving them a high resistance to chipping and cracking.

Cobalt is bio-compatible and resistant to wear. It has been used in the medical and dental industry for many years for bone, joint and dental transplants (ie. knee and hip replacements).

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