Diamond Grading Comparison

By Rubina Posh March 16,2017

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All Diamond Grading Laboratories use the Diamond Grading Standards set in place by CIBJO as outlined in the Blue Book. Some of the Diamond Grading Laboratories have slight differences such as GIA using I1, I2 & I3 whereas other labs use P1, P2 and P3. Although the Diamond Grading System of AGS seems different, it still incorporates the same Diamond Grading Standards as set by CIBJO. The difference is that this grading system is based on a 0-10 grading scale where 0 is the highest grade and 10 is the lowest.

When compared to the GIA grading system, the 0 would represent a D Colour Diamond with a Flawless to Internally Flawless Clarity and an Ideal Cut, whereas the 10 would represent I3 Clarity, X Colour and a Poor Cut.

Visit the AGS website to see an explanation of this grading system in more detail.

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