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Hearts & Arrows Effect In Diamonds

By Rubina Posh June 20,2017

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Diamonds displaying the Hearts & Arrows effect will always be graded as having an ideal cut grade and will have a higher value.

The Hearts & Arrows effect in diamonds is a result of the way the diamonds have been cut.

This effect is mostly seen in round brilliant cut diamonds resulting in eight hearts and eight arrows which only confirm whether the diamond is well cut but it is not a guarantee.

The eight hearts are seen when looking through the table (flat side) of the diamond towards the pavilion (pointy end) and the eight arrows are seen when looking through the pavilion towards the table. This is done by using a small cylindrical instrument called “hearts & arrows gemscope”.

The positioning of these Hearts & Arrows can affect the overall value of the diamond.

More time is needed to cut these diamonds for this effect to be seen. This results in approximately 15% loss of the overall weight of the diamond and in turn increases its value.

Not all Diamond Grading Laboratories provide Hearts & Arrows Diamond Grading Reports/Certificates. GIA does not identify Hearts & Arrows as part of the cut grade but do make a note in the comments section if the Hearts & Arrows are seen when examining the stone.

The IGL diamond grading lab provides a Hearts & Arrows Diamond Grading Report which includes either actual pictures confirming the hearts and arrows, or have a visual illustration of the Hearts & Arrows.


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