Titanium Rings

By Rubina Posh February 01,2018

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The price of Titanium Rings is on average 30% lower than the same ring made from silver.

Titanium is a metal light grey in colour, light in weight, very strong and stretchable (ductile ). In its purest form it is as strong as steel but not as heavy. Because of its ability to last a long time(durability) it is used in jewellery and is a good alternative for people who have allergies to other metals as well as people who enjoy water sports.

Titanium weighs less and doesn’t rust(corrode) easily. Because of this it is useful in making watch cases and watch bands. It is also used in creating sculptures, decorative objects and furniture.

Gold is mixed with Titanium (1%) and sold as 24k. This results in the mixture to be as hard as 14k gold making it stronger and tougher then the pure 24k gold.

Titanium is also used with gold to produce two tone jewellery items.

It is generally used in rings and the following markings are mainly seen on the inside of the bands:

Ti 9ct – Titanium and 9k gold

Ti 18ct – Titanium and 18k gold

Ti 14ct – Titanium and 14k gold

TITANIUM 14k – Titanium and 14k gold


Ti 18k Pt – Titanium, 18k gold and Platinum

Titanium is highly resistant to corrosion in sea water, acids and chlorine.

It can be combined with Iron, Aluminium, Vanadium and Molybdenum as well as other metals to make a mixture that is light in weight and to be used across a wide range of areas such as: aerospace, military, industrial, automotive, agricultural, medical, dental, sport, phones and jewellery amongst other things.

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