Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide

By Rubina Posh December 14,2017

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Over the past twelve months, Tungsten Carbide rings have become quite popular.

The price of a plain 6mm in width Tungsten ring is on average AU$150.

The price of a plain 6mm in width Tungsten Carbide ring is on average AU$200.

Tungsten, generally mixed with Cobalt, is a very hard and dense metal and melts at an extremely high temperature.

All jewellery made from Tungsten is durable and quite heavy, however, it will scratch, loose its shine and tarnish over time. The Cobalt in its mix can also cause allergic reactions when worn.

80 percent Tungsten is mixed together with 20 percent Carbon and a small amount of Nickel to create Tungsten Carbide. This alloy is shinier and less likely to scratch compared to jewellery made from Tungsten or other metals. It is easily moulded into different shapes and can be mixed with precious metals such as gold and silver.

Tungsten Carbide is harder than gold and is usually a light grey colour but can be found in a darker grey as well as black.

Available from Blue Nile, James Allen, Amazon and many online stores as well as from most jewellery stores, these rings can be with or without gemstones and can also be combined with other precious metals such as silver and gold to name a few.

Rings are the most popular jewellery pieces, but other jewellery is made such as earrings and pendants.

The only downside is that the ring will not be able to be resized or repaired if broken, as it will shatter.

Generally, most of the jewellery will be stamped with “Tungsten Carbide” and the price is similar to that of silver jewellery.

Recently, Tungsten Carbide has been used in filling gold plated coins.

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