What are Diamond Grading Certificates/Reports?

By Rubina Posh January 26,2017

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Diamond Grading Certificates or Reports are documents that include a review of the internal and external characteristics of a loose diamond  without allocating a dollar value.

Whether the diamond grading report provided is from ADGL; AGS; GIA; HRD; IGI; IGL; SGTL(Auscert) or any other independent lab it includes the following information:

  • Diamond Report Number;
  • Shape of the Diamond;
  • Measurements of the Diamond;
  • Grading based on the 4C’s – (carat; colour; clarity & cut);
  • Diamond proportions – (table size & depth; crown height & angle; pavilion depth & angle; girdle; culet; length to width ration for shapes such as emerald, marquise & pear);
  • The Finish of the Diamond – polish; symmetry; girdle thickness;
  • A Plotting Diagram showing where & what type of inclusions are inside and outside of the diamond; as well as
  • Any comments that may be required such as a laser inscription on the girdle



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