What is a Diamond Grader?

By Rubina Posh March 17,2017

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A Diamond Grader analyses the internal and external features/characteristics of a diamond, incorporating the 4 C’s and providing a Diamond Grading Report with these findings without including a value.

Diamond Graders use various equipment to test loose diamonds. The equipment used is characterised into two sections: Screening Machines and Examination Machines.

The Screening Machines are used to identify if the diamonds are natural. Examination Machines  are used to help identify the physical properties of the diamonds, the internal and external features as well as assess the quality  of the diamonds. However, the colour and clarity of the diamonds are always done by the Diamond Grader.

Along with the above mentioned equipment, the following tools are always used when grading diamonds:

       Scale, to physically weigh the diamond



       Source of standard white light (lamp),

       Ultraviolet lamp

       Measuring gauge

       Master stones to compare the diamonds to when grading the colour


       Cleaning liquid and materials (cleaning cloths).

Before the examination of the diamond, its surface is cleaned. This is done by washing it with alcohol or if necessary cleaned in an ultrasonic machine then wiped with a cleaning cloth.

When the physical analysis is completed – colour, clarity, cut and carat, and the inclusions have been plotted, the diamond is scanned through the various equipment and a Diamond Grading Report is produced. The carat weight of the diamond can be calculated using mathematical formulas, however, the equipment in the Diamond Grading Laboratories enable this calculation to be automatically done when the diamond is scanned. The physical weighing of the diamond is only to confirm that there are no errors.

Once the Diamond Grading Report is produced, the diamond is placed in a paper packet (brifka) specifically designed for this purpose.



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