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What is a Jewellery Valuer / Appraiser

By Rubina Posh January 09,2017

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A Jewellery Valuer/Appraiser is a person who examines jewellery pieces and provides an independent analysis.

Jewellery Valuers/Appraisers, analyse the jewellery by testing the gemstones, identifying how the jewellery item was made, the condition of the item and what metal was used in the process to let you know how much it would cost to replace it, and in some cases, who made it and where it was made and when.

If the gemstones are set, they cannot be weighed on a scale, therefore the valuer measures the stones while set, using measuring gauges which can include any of the following: Leveridge Gauge / Presidium Gauge; Moe Gauge; Slide Gauge; Spring Millimetre Gauge; Hole Gauge; Vernier Slide Gauge and Dial Gauges.

Those dimensions are then incorporated into a formula for that shape and type of gemstone as all shapes and gemstones have a different formula.

Generally, the size and weight of the gemstones and metal are all estimated. If the customer/client gives permission, the gemstones can be taken out of their settings and an accurate assessment can be done.

For an accurate – 100% – identification to be made all the gems have to be removed from the setting and individually analysed and weight along with the gold/metal item.


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